Our Mission

We strive to protect and improve the quality of western Montana’s resources including water quality and quantity, recreational and scenic values, and fish and other wildlife, including the prevention and management of aquatic invasive species.

To conserve western Montana’s natural resources for generations to come, we strive to

  • Reduce point and nonpoint sources of water pollution
  • Prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species
  • Maintain, enhance, restore, expand, or benefit the aquatic natural resources of western Montana
  • Emphasize community participation, education, outreach, and engagement
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Our Work

Featured Content

2024 Flathead Waters Cleanup

Help us keep our favorite places clean by participating in the 2024 Flathead Waters Cleanup on Saturday August 10!

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Montana Waters: Clearly Connected

Explore our outreach initiative aiming to bring partners together and raise public awareness about protecting clean water in Montana

WMCC News: EPA Grant

WMCC secures $7 million in EPA grant funding to reduce stormwater and septic leachate toxic pollution in the headwaters of the Columbia River Basin