Our collaborating partners play an important role in shaping the work of WMCC through participation in committees. These committees guide the efforts of the Commission and support the protection of western Montana’s aquatic resources. All Commission and Committee meetings are open to the public. Contact us for meeting details.


Unless there are member conflicts, WMCC’s executive committee meets every other Tuesday at 12 PM to coordinate and track Commission activities, plan upcoming meetings, and address emerging and timely issues. 

Members: Mike Koopal (Chair), Onno Wieringa (Vice-Chair), Sandy Beder-Miller, Tracy Campbell, Rich Janssen, Phil Matson, Lech Naumovich, Mark Bostrom, Kate Wilson, and WMCC staff.

Aquatic Invasive

The Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) Committee seeks to strengthen the statewide AIS prevention and mitigation program in western Montana by identifying and filling gaps and supporting local partners in their existing efforts.

Members: Phil Matson (Chair), Tom Woolf, Arthur Potts, Michelle Cox, and Duane Braaten.

Contact Emilie Henry if you’re interested in participating in committee meetings.

Outreach &

The Education, Outreach and Communications (EOC) Committee drives WMCC’s communication strategies and focuses on collaborative outreach and messaging to support organizations across Western Montana through the Montana Waters: Clearly Connected campaign.

Members: Kate Wilson (Chair), Ann Schwend, Martin Charlo, Ian Withrow, and Tiffany Lyden.

Contact Stephanie Murphy if you’re interested in participating in committee meetings.

Monitoring &

The Monitoring and Coordination Committee aims to fulfill WMCC’s statutory duties to monitor the condition of natural resources in Western Montana and support coordination in a meaningful way.

Members: Lech Naumovich (Chair), Onno Wieringa, Jim Elser, Sandy Beder-Miller, Julie Spencer, Scott Rumsey, Sara Edinberg, and Melissa Schaar.

Contact Kelly Hendrix if you’re interested in participating in committee meetings.


WMCC is currently in the process of developing committees that will best support Commission’s mission and duties. These committees-in-development include:

Information about committee participation will be provided following the committee development period.