Education & Outreach

The Western Montana Conservation Commission emphasizes community education, outreach, and engagement to increase public awareness of water quality issues threatening western Montana. By providing leadership and support on public and partner engagement, we can inspire residents and visitors to take pride and responsibility in conservation efforts. The WMCC coordinates with partners from federal, state, non-profit, tribal, and local government to increase consistency of messaging and accessibility of available resources.

Montana Waters: Clearly Connected

The Montana Waters: Clearly Connected campaign provides educational resources for partners and the public to use for learning and teaching about water quality issues. Visit Montana Waters to learn what it means to live in a watershed and how you can do your part to protect water quality in your local area.

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Goals of the Campaign:

  • Expand public knowledge and awareness of water quality issues
  • Increase coordination with watershed partners by enhancing partnership opportunities and streamlining messaging
  • Inspire residents and visitors to take pride and responsibility in conservation efforts
  • Encourage individual and societal behavior change
MT waters booth

Aquatic Invasive Species

The Western Montana Conservation Commissions aims to raise awareness of the threats posed by AIS to western Montana and share actions that key audiences can take to prevent the introduction and spread of AIS. The WMCC assists and enhances the state’s AIS program by collaborating and coordinating with Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks (FWP) when creating new materials, advertising, implementing outreach, and sharing messages and materials developed by the FWP AIS Program. These messages include: Clean, Drain, Dry, Protect Our Waters, current Boating & Fishing regulations, information on watercraft inspection stations, and other current AIS updates and materials.

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