Heidi Fleury

Heidi is a 2006-2007 Montana Conservation Corps alum and has been a conservation professional in Western Montana since 2014 when she began work as a Soil Conservationist trainee for the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS). She continued this career while attending Flathead Valley Community Colleges’ Conservation and Resource Management program. After graduating, she served as the Coordinator for the Lake County Conservation District in Ronan for 7 years where she worked with partners on adult and youth soil, water and wildlife conservation programs and community education events. As a Program Specialist for WMCC, Heidi is looking forward to using her prior experience and skills to help create engaging, meaningful water quality programs in Western Montana. Native plants are a professional and personal passion for her, and, in the past, she’s worked as a Botany technician for the Bitterroot and Swan National Forests and Glacier National Park. In her free time, you can often find Heidi out in her native plant garden, other people’s gardens, or in the middle of the wilderness identifying grasses and flowers for fun.